Film / Production Services


Division Patrol has been providing security for movie sets in Southern California for many years. We have film production security guards that will help you protect your assets. Los Angeles, the movie capital of the world, has dozens and dozens of films in production at any given time.

Whether on location or on a studio lot, film sets have millions of dollars of film equipment and production vehicles. Our security guards keep all of your assets under surveillance while your cast and crew are hard at work creating the latest movie masterpiece.

They can keep crazed fans from entering the production area and keep them from causing a disturbance. Extra security is needed in cases like this especially when you’re filming on location away from the comfort of the film studio walls.

Our security guards have many years of experience in protecting private areas such as film locations with highly sensitive material and expensive assets. Being based in Los Angeles, and having proivded security guards for movie sets for many years, we understand your needs and the importance of keeping a film set under tight lockdown with a well seasoned security team that will routinely patrol the perimeter of the entire film location including production trucks and vehicles, any areas where the cast and crew spend their time, and open areas that we feel may be compromised.

Our security team is also well skilled at crowd control before, during, and after shooting each day. They can keep the crowd from the production area, film trucks, honey wagons, celebrity trailers, and RV’s, as well as keeping the crowd from entering the shots when filming in city streets especially busy downtown areas.

They also have experience in keeping extras from trying to mingle with the film cast and crew, preventing them from eating off of the crafter service table and food truck, and dining with the cast and crew when it’s not allowed.